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Heating Units

Heater Installation

According to NFPA, local fire departments responded to an estimated average of 52,050 fires involving heating equipment each year in 2012-2016. Home fires involving heating equipment caused an estimated average of 490 civilian deaths and 1,400 civilian injuries each year in 2012-2016, as well as an estimated $1.03 billion in direct property damage a year. Space heaters accounted for more than two in five (44%) of home heating equipment fires, but these fires were responsible for 86% of civilian deaths and 78% of civilian injuries caused by heating fires.

Don’t become a statistic with a kerosene heater. Give Baker Heating & Air a call today so we can install a new, safe, energy-efficient heating unit at your location to make sure you stay warm and safe this winter. 

Heater Repair

Imagine sitting on your couch, watching your favorite program on your TV on a mid-January day where the outdoor temperature is 23 degrees, and all of a sudden your heat turns off and won’t turn back on. Your house will get cold very shortly and be to the point where you cannot comfortably be in it.

Contact us so we can come to you and get your heater fixed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Don’t let your heating unit keep you out in the cold this winter.

Heater Maintenance

Nobody likes when their heating unit breaks down, and they dislike even more having to have the unit fixed and paying a repair bill. Good maintenance of your unit can help prevent this from happening to you. Give us a call in the fall so we can perform some basic maintenance on your unit. Regardless if you’re using an oil furnace or electric, we can service your unit to make sure that it keeps you warm throughout the entire winter and won’t leave you in the cold. 

Choosing a furnace system

These days, home owners search for all the value they can find in every household purchase they make. You’re probably no different. So when the time comes to replace a furnace in an existing central heating system, or to install a totally new system, you want equipment that minimizes costs and delivers dependable comfort for your family – season after season.

What do good furnace systems have in common?

The best furnaces are efficient. They keep a home warm and comfortable. They provide steady, dependable performance year after year. And they are quiet, long-lasting and low in service frequency and cost.

Which furnace systems are energy efficient?

When a furnace loses or wastes heat, it requires more energy to keep your home warm. Some furnaces lose heat through the walls of the furnace cabinet. Energy-efficient furnaces significantly reduce this loss with a blanket of insulation that lines the inside of the cabinet walls.

When a gas furnace is not in operation, most send a steady, wasteful draft of warm household air traveling up the venting system and out the roof. 

Pilot lights also can be wasteful. 

Most gas furnaces vent combustion by-products and gases by allowing the warm air to rise naturally. However, on occasion, proper venting of combustion by-products may be restricted due to blockage, deterioration of venting systems, malfunctions or other causes.

The most efficient furnaces tap the energy of the hot vent gases – which can reach temperatures of 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and more. 

A high-efficiency furnace generally wears a higher price tag, but it can make up the difference by reducing operating costs over the long run. And with today’s consumer interest in efficiency, such equipment enhances the bottom line of your home.

Are some furnaces better than others?

Definitely. Features to look for include heat exchangers that resist corrosion, direct-drive blower units, induced draft blowers, pressure switches, and an insulated blower compartment, which helps minimize operating noise.

You also should ask your contractor if the manufacturer of the brand you’re considering quality-checks and tests every unit before it leaves the plant.

And be sure to check out the terms of the Limited Warranty. Quality manufacturers put a convincing warranty behind their work.

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